FF>> is a literary journal focused on publishing prose-based flash texts in all genres. FF>> operates as an open publishing collective that emphasizes participatory decision-making and collective action, and seeks to involve the global community in its efforts by inviting them to contribute to the project by submitting writing, and/or contributing operating funds, and/or helping with planning, production, or distribution activities.

FF>> does not compensate for contribution to the project monetarily. Collaborators who participate in various aspects of the publication’s production will receive a predetermined number of copies of the journal they have helped to create, which they may sell at cover price or below. Other contributors, solicited or unsolicited, will receive at least one copy of the volume they appear in.

FF>> seeks left-justified prose texts with integrity that deliver intellectual stimulation and/or strong emotional punch less than 1,000 words, preferably less (Flash). This is a journal with a focus on brevity.

Visual artwork/photography may be considered for publication, but we recommend a query first. Any artwork should be sent as a JPG file set at 300 resolution, with dimensions roughly keyed to 5″x6″.

Privacy Statement Your privacy is of great concern to us. Any information we collect is not sold or shared with any third parties. Information collected, which may include email or snail-mail addresses, telephone numbers, biographical information, etc., is only used for correspondence between FF>> and the author regarding acceptance, rejection, or editorial discussions regarding a submission. If information regarding an author’s biography – photo or likeness, publishing history, curriculum vitae – is published it must be approved by the author.

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